January 11, 2013

A confused mind says no

One of my favorite sayings (thank you Ron Seaver) is "a confused mind says no."  Our goal as communicators, is to reduce or eliminate resistance.  

Nancy Duarte, in this Harvard Business Review blog, addresses audience resistance...it's spot on!

Click to read about how to:  Anticipate and avoid resistance to your communications...

January 7, 2013

Native advertising...

Just when we thought we were caught up on the latest lingo...this one came up.  Native advertising.  The term used by many, understood by few.  This infographic does a good job of explaining what it is, and what it isn't.

We'll see how this "native" plant survives, flourishes, or evolves...

Check it out:  This Infographic Explains What Native Advertising Is

January 6, 2013

Take your audience with you

One of the greatest things about digital/social/mobile media is that you can take your audience with you wherever you go, and, wherever they go. 

Being able to deliver on your promises from anywhere, faster, is the holy grail for business.

While our lives seem to be blending personal and professional time, mobile media has given us the flexibility to respond in ways we never thought possible.

Lisbon, London, or Lubbock?  No problem.  Taking your audience with you makes it possible.