September 27, 2013

Happy Hour: You're welcome.

Consider this a cross between professional development and a contribution to your personal welfare.

For your welfare, click here if you want to be:  Content, satisfied, happy.

And as professional development, and for a different kind of "content," consider this:

According to Wikipedia:  The word "content" is often used colloquially to refer to media. However, content is more accurately used as a specific term in that it means the content of the medium rather than the medium itself. Likewise, the single word "media" and some compound words that include "media" (e.g. multimediahypermedia) are instead referring to a type of content. An example of a type of content commonly referred to as a type of media is a "motion picture" referred to as "a film." The distinction between medium and content is less clear when referring to interactive elements that contain information and are then contained in interactive media, such as dice contained in board games or GUI widgets contained in software.

I like to ponder the semantics of "content" favorite motion media content is Major Motion Pixels; it makes me happy.  How about you?