March 19, 2013


Credit: Extreme Airshots
Three of my colleagues attended SXSW (the South By Southwest Conference) in Austin last week. Meanwhile, I experienced SXSW at a distance via twitter and facebook.

My colleagues returned yesterday, brimming with inspiration and enthusiasm from the experience of meeting and mixing with everyone who shares interests in Music, Film, Interactive with a heavy dose of technology.

One of my colleagues suggested I watch this:
Click here for inspiration from SWISS-MISS at SXSW.

"Swiss-Miss? What the heck?!" I know, I thought the same thing.  She is a "Swiss designer gone NYC." And indeed, I found inspiration in watching this woman who appeared to be a regular wife and mother, give a keynote address, sharing her 11 Rules and Values to Live By.  No ordinary woman, she has accomplished much, forged new ground, demonstrated sustained creative innovation...all while incorporating her personal life and relationships (yes, even her young children) into what she does.

My favorite of the 11 Rules?
1.  Invest your life in what you love.
8.  Ignore haters.

See if any or all the life suggestions she makes resonate with you...something to ponder over a cup of hot chocolate.