January 30, 2013

Budgets and Beltway Bandit Bummers

Today I attended a luncheon in San Diego, where my favorite line from the keynote speaker was, "FLAT IS THE NEW UP." It's been bad news for a lot of the defense sector recently.  But amidst all the talk about fiscal cliffs, sequestration, furloughs, and continuing resolutions...there seems to be some optimism.  For those companies that can find and exploit innovation and discovery, and can nimbly adjust to the demands, twists, and turns of the market...I believe there is unprecedented opportunity.  I choose to see it as a challenge, and I hope to help guide clients through the uncertainty of this environment...to find success.

HD Video Quality at HALF the bandwidth--I'm in!

H265 video codec (compression/decompression) promises HD video at half the bandwidth, which is changing EVERYTHING about online video and video conferencing...I saw a cool video today by Cisco, after talking with someone from a company called Vidyo.  Amazing stuff, happening now.  Here's where you can find out more:

H265 demo from just four months ago...click on this link to view: Cisco H265 demo.

The Internet of Everything...click here to view:  Today is that future.

Check out what Vidyo is doing here:  Yo, Vidyo, what's up?