August 5, 2013

A bridge to new ideas...

Moving forward:  I am happy to announce that I am expanding my client base AND am now able to bring about more creative and strategic support than ever before.

As of August 1, my company, Major Motion Pixels Inc., will be focused on providing outstanding creative design, production, and distribution of video/motion media content for Marketing/Sales, PR/IR, and HR/Training/Learning clients in the public and private sector.

A bridge:  While in Nebraska for business last week, I saw this metaphoric image…a symbol of my own professional transition. In this case, the bridge crosses the Missouri River from Nebraska to Iowa. And as we all know, Iowa may not be heaven, but I saw what looked like the Field of Dreams. A nice way to view a very positive move.

Better value and results: We are looking forward to working with our extended network of clients and creative talent to look at things in a new way, aimed at producing fresh and promising communications tactics and tools.

Stay tuned and stay connected!