September 16, 2014

Hollywood Studio in a Backpack

“Major Motion Pixels…hmmm…I like your company name.” That’s typically the reaction I get when I introduce myself or exchange business cards with colleagues and clients. Where did it come from? How did I come up with that as a name for my company?

In the early 2000’s, the media marketplace was turned on its head. Digital media, digital distribution, and expanded bandwidth changed EVERYTHING about how business was done, and how the creative process worked. Although my forte was as a developer of business, writer/director and executive producer of content—and not as a cameraman or editor…I was intrigued by the possibilities of technology. My career had evolved from newspaper, radio, television/production, and public relations. I had a Master’s Degree in Learning Design & Technology, and now, what began as “distance learning” and e-learning in a collaborative on-line environment was enveloping the marketing and communications field with new forms of digital media. Social media propelled everything forward even faster.

I thought:  What was considered Hollywood territory could soon be possible with a small camera and a laptop.  I’d heard a guy at a conference talk about having a Hollywood Studio in a backpack, and that’s when I said to myself, “Instead of Major Motion Pictures…we could be making Major Motion Pixels!” So in 2006, I began working independently through my company, “Major Motion Pixels, Inc.”

I began looking for ways to use media differently incorporating technology, and we created and produced motion media, animation, video for web-based, social, mobile, display, and all manner of e-distribution to inform, inspire, instruct, engage, empower, explore, motivate, push, and propel business in ways never before possible!

Since that time, I’ve worked with clients in the public and private sector to envision new futures, tell fresh stories, look at things differently, and engage with audiences more completely and transparently.

It’s a great ride, and continues to impress and amaze me.  What we can dream about is now possible to create. What would have been considered “major motion pictures” just a few short years ago, may now be Major Motion Pixels. What’s next? Whether it’s nano, mobile, cloud-based, codecs, metrics, or wearable…we’ll continue to involve audiences as never before. Hang on!

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