April 26, 2013

That NEW Black Magic has me in its spell...

Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera
Even though I consider myself an imagery gal, I don't consider myself an expert when it comes to tech.  That's where I lean on the expertise of editors and engineers I trust.  The good thing about being tech agnostic (or tech ignorant or tech naive), is when something comes along that is so undeniably superior and CHEAP too, it'll get my attention, no matter what brand.

My mind was blown recently by the NAB announcement of a new low-cost camera with enough firepower to put a whole lotta camera snobs out of business.  

These four things alone impressed:
1. Records 1080HD resolution ProRes 422 (HQ) files direct to fast SD cards, so you can immediately edit or color correct your media on your laptop.
2.  It captures a super wide dynamic range of 13 stops.
3.  Flexible lens mounts for superior glass, or easy adapters.
4.  All those connections for audio monitoring, mic, charging, and remote operations.

WOW.  And did I mention it was cheap?  So cheap in the scheme of business, it's not even worth talking about how much it costs ($995).  Makes me want to get one, and put it to use!

Shipping in July.

You can learn more about it here:  Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera