November 19, 2013

Q&A Your Way to Stellar Service

Getting to YES, as quickly as possible, helps customers appreciate and remember stellar service.

Janet Dahle & FANTASTIC friends,
ready for the paparazzi!
A weekend meet-up with long-time friends last weekend at The Beverly Hills Hotel reminded me that there is no substitute for well-staffed, well-trained, genuine, cordial, attentive customer service.  That every member of the staff was contributing to a most memorable weekend experience for us, is what made our stay at this famous hotel exceptional. A little shopping, a little sight-seeing, a LOT of relaxing and catching up with each other...pure bliss! My gal pals had flown in from Australia and the Northwest, so we were very happy to spend time together.

Stellar service began with questions and answers...

Can we order breakfast (at noon)? Of course...24 hours a day.
Could I have sliced tomatoes? Sure.
Could I have those grilled? Not a problem.
Can you come set my iPad up with your wifi? We'll send someone right up.
Is it okay if we check out a little later? Why, of course.

Then, beyond mere Q&A, the concierge, the bell hop, the guest shop clerk, the pool boy, the wait staff...all were willing to not only answer "yes" to every question, but ready with conversation and recommendations. Making it personal. By the pool: "What's that for?" (Shade, would you like me to put it in place for you?) In the Lounge: "May I have another club soda?" (Yes, but you may be interested in trying our juices...) To the Concierge: "We have a car...can you tell us where to tour by celebrity homes?" (We have maps, let me show you...) "What's the most unusual thing a guest has ever asked?" (We once had a woman ask us to get her a role in a movie during her stay).  WOW!
Stellar Service...YES!

Sadly, all good things must come to an end--until next time. Having the car brought up to valet, and our bags already packed away in the trunk for us upon completing checkout...we drove away and I exclaimed, "That was FANTASTIC!"

More importantly, it made me want to share the experience.

No matter what business you're in, you'd probably agree..."FANTASTIC" is the response we'd like to get from our clients, customers, users, or guests.  So start with YES, then make it personal.

(By the way, the juices featured in The Polo Lounge were the best I've ever had...if you're interested, Fantastic and FRESH...who knew kale and spinach could taste so good?!)