February 20, 2014

To create or to innovate...that is the question.

"Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is DOING new things." --Theodore Levitt

Isn’t it interesting that one, single moment can shape your career?

And isn’t it interesting that the one, single moment doesn't have to be particularly monumental? But if you explore that moment, and express it…it can influence and define you.

My moment was when I was working on a video project for a San Diego high-technology consortium known as CONNECT.  They were working with the much-loved La Jolla Playhouse to host a signature event to celebrate innovation in technology and the arts, called “Innovation Night.”  It was a truly momentous occasion to bring together technologist and artist innovators for a lovely evening of networking and a performance of ground-breaking theater.

This video presentation was designed to allow the crowd to settle into their seats and kick off the evening's entertainment, with INNOVATION in mind.

In the course of directing and producing the video for this event, I conducted several interviews with actors, theater and creative directors, financiers, technologists, and policy leaders.  

What did I hear during those interviews that created this defining moment?

Here's what they told me:
  • ·      "Two things drive me to innovate. First, DISSATISFACTION with the way things are, and the belief that things can change, and PEOPLE can change." (This one was profound for me, and I think of it often.)
  • ·     "The first and foremost definition of innovation? That you’re going to actually DO what you say you’re going to do. And if you’re going to innovate, you do it." (Again, commitment to CHANGE and do things differently.)
  • ·     "Breaks down walls." (Gain new perspective…)
  • ·     "Where the unexpected becomes the expected." (Being open to the unexpected.)
  • ·     "Allows me to do something I've never done before." (Discovering a new part of yourself and expressing it.)

Each of these people I interviewed was on a quest for discovery, for invention of something that was fresh and adventurous. And they needed to find a way to express it. And to share it.

These interviews and conversations rocked my world.  

Think: with a push of inspiration and innovation, you might realize you are dissatisfied with the way things are, you believe things can change, and you want to create the change that will make something better.

Click here to watch the video for INNOVATION NIGHT.

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